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SEE THE PHOTO REPORT FROM THE EVENT IN INDONESIA! The meeting was held in the cozy POP Hotel Cafe n Resto under the guidance of one of our top managers in Indonesia, Panji Samudra. In a friendly atmosphere, the leaders of the company were able to talk about both global trends in the blockchain industry and the development of Weenzee. Coordination of actions of the Weenzee project participants is the most important aspect of the work in our project. This was, in the first place, discussed by the leaders at this meeting. The effectiveness of the development of the company depends on how successfully our leaders will communicate our principles and our policies to the project participants, as well as to ordinary people. According to the participants, the proposals of our company were met with great enthusiasm. People were interested in learning about an innovative and profitable project. Many were involved in the development of the project, were registered and made the first deposit. Also, the leaders discussed the necessity and importance of interaction in social networks, so they allow you to quickly and conveniently communicate with people and organize different meaningful events. Therefore, subscribe to us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/weenzeeai), Telegram (https://t.me/weenzee) and follow the news! November 28, 2018
Nov-28-2018 08:04:26 PM

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eep track of the activities and development of our project. Always keep abreast of our news, changes and improvements! This section contains only official news about everything related to CompanyName. We launched our project 01/05/2018 Dear investors and guests, We are glad to welcome you on our website! Today we start our online. This site is one of the main investment tools of the company. Any investor from anywhere in the world now has the opportunity to invest his money profitably and at the appropriate time to receive and withdraw profits from his personal account. Our team consists of highly skilled workers who are able and ready to work for the benefit of our company and our investors. The company is already Bitcoin.com co-founder sold all his bitcoins 12/20/2012 While European governments insist on regulation of bitcoin and are going to consider joint regulation of this crypto currency at the upcoming G20 summit, an unexpected statement was made by the co-founder of Bitcoin.com, Emil Oldenburg. According to him, bitcoin has no prospects as a trading currency, and investments in it are "the most extreme investments that you can only make." "People will start coming out of bitcoin as soon as they understand how this crypto currency works "B": hackers first attacked the Russian bank through the SWIFT system 12/19/2012 Hackers for the first time attacked the Russian bank through the SWIFT system and withdrew the stolen funds abroad. This is written by Kommersant. As it became known, the cyber attack was recorded on December 15. The name of the financial institution and the amount of damage are not disclosed. In a company to prevent and investigate cybercrimes, Group-IB was told that the Cobalt group was involved in the incident. The system penetrated the bank through a malicious program. Earlier it was reported that "invisible
Jan-12-2018 12:19:11 AM

WELCOME TO THE BITFLUENCE WEBSITE! We are glad to announce the launch of a new online platform on the bitcoin trading exchange. We are offering our partners with a user-friendly and accessible interface, as well as attractive tools for earning. By joining us right now, you will secure guaranteed stable income... Read more 07 Jan, 2018
Jan-10-2018 10:26:10 PM



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