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Program Discription:
About the project LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED is at the forefront of modern technologies in gold mining. We were the first in the world to start the installation to extract gold from spent pulp and make the process cost-effective. We are also the first in the world to have established the production of pre-extraction units and to pre-extract gold on an industrial level. At current production rates, the world's proven reserves of gold will be enough for the next 17 years. The future of the industry is in recycling or more available resources. Mines operating for hundreds of years worldwide have produced millions of tons of spent gold-bearing rock. They are considered useless, but not for us. Having chosen a scientific approach to the problem, we have found our gold mine. LakeLand Gold LakeLand Gold LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED is actively developing, and it's not just words. Some of those who believed in the company in 2015, have become millionaires. With $500,000 of attracted investments, we have paid out $30 million. Our plants operate in the USA, Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa. We supply the equipment to the largest gold mining companies in the US and China. We have company offices in North America, Europe and Africa. Our plants operate in the USA, Zimbabwe, Ghana and South Africa. We supply the equipment to the largest gold mining companies in the US and China. We have company offices in North America, Europe and Africa. We produce 4 kilos of gold per day. What will happen tomorrow? Now is the time to realise an excellent investment opportunity to receive a guaranteed passive income. Together we can completely change the gold mining industry, and who knows, maybe very soon you will appear in the lists of Forbes. JOHN JAMES KEEGAN Head of the company They say that the secret of success of every great undertaking lies in passion for one's own business. If this is the case, LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED has every chance to become one of the largest companies in the world. After all, I'm sure there’s nobody more passionate about their own business than our employees! After three years of hard work, we have evolved from a small gold mining co-operative into a large international company. But this is just the beginning. The prospects for growth are huge as we are the only company on the market that works with this technology before extraction. We must make use of this advantage before the arrival of other players. For this reason, we have launched an investment program with very attractive conditions. Though we are very happy to be the first for now, we are aiming to become the largest company in the industry of the future- and that's a worthy prospect! Our team LakeLand Gold The most practical is the organisation of own manufacture of the charcoal filter, as you will be receiving the maximum profit. LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED was registered in England in 2015, guaranteeing the official status of the company and actions according to all legislative and legal acts. We guarantee full confidentiality of both the information provided by the client and the state of his personal account. We ensure a high level of online security and co-servicing. A group of technical support specialists is ready to respond to all questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Join us. Evaluate new prospects and opportunities! LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED was founded in 2015 and as early as 2016, the company had extracted 940 kilograms of gold. More than the prospectors, Nolan, could dream of. 940 kilograms of gold in one year, on a site which had been mined for more than 100 years, starting with the first Gold Rush AND it was not sheer luck. Research, hard calculations and a scientific approach led to James Keegan becoming the pioneer who managed to extract gold from spent pulp, previously considered impossible or not cost-effective. Using patented technology for gold recovery by filtration using fine carbon filter solutions under high pressure, James Keegan managed to earn a small fortune in one year and triple the capital in two years. The general market for technological applications before the extraction of gold is huge: In Zimbabwe it is about 19 tons for a total amount of more than $800 million. In South Africa it is about 14 tons for a total amount of more than $600 million. In Russia, including HF (heap leaching) and ZIF (gold recovery factory) the amount is about 10 tons for a total of more than $400 million. In Kazakhstan it is about 4 - 6 tons for a total amount of more than $200 million. LakeLand Gold By 2028, the company plans to mine up to 100 tons of precious metal. It is for this LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED launched a number of investment projects aimed at private individuals, providing investors with an excellent level of liquidity. After all, gold has a basic value, the metal on which the existing order is maintained. The one who owns gold, stands at the head of the global economic system. Technology LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED is a truly revolutionary company and can change the world without a shadow of a doubt. Dream, invest, achieve! Technology We re-extract gold (Au) by using charcoal (ionic) filters with the capacity of 100–150 m3/hr where the charcoal and the ion exchangers used are of 40 m and the amount of 1,0 tonnes. The filter is capable of working non-stop for 15 – 20 days, yielding the concentration of gold no higher than 0,01 – 0,005 mg/L. After achieving the required volume of 3,0 – 4,0 kg/t the filter needs a 2-4 hour re-generation process using a basic solution of 4% NaOH, at 90С. The resulted solution will then be filtered using a filter-cementer (the equivalent of the charcoal filter), resulting in a gold-zinc concentrate with 500 – 700 kg/kg Au, which will then be melted into Doré Metal. LakeLand Gold Using this technology will set the cost of 1 g of gold (Au) to 2 – 3$ with the concentration of gold (Au) in water being 0,1 – 0,05 mg/L Au. The re-extraction is considered profitable until the level of gold drops to 0,01 mg/L. Our technology will help to use even the HF (heap leaching) auriferous ore with much lesser concentration of gold (0,3 g/t Au). The decrease in concentration of gold (Au) in a liquid phase of spillage solutions of HF (heap leaching) and ZIF (gold recovery factory) (less than 0,01 mg/L) will either lead to the reduction of Au in the solid phase or the increase in the amount of the required ore by 10 – 15%. The new method of Au extraction has been applied to the stale deposits of ZIF (gold recovery factory) in the place of their storage using the leaching solution and the compressed air under the pressure of 1,0 – 1,5 MPa through the plastic drainage pipes with the diameter of 400 mm and then the rest of the solutions are getting processed via the fine charcoal (ionic) filters. During the filtering process, the alkali solution can reach the speed of 1,0 - 1,5 m/hr working through the stale slurry. The extraction of gold (Au) from the stale deposits will be over 50%. The work of the fine charcoal filters has been improved with the new technology that has simplified and reduced the price of the required technological operations. The technology is patented. The construction of the filter is two-chambered (Image 2). It envisages the automated purification of the auriferous solutions from the suspended particles during the working cycle without stopping for 3 – 5 minutes. During the purification process, the productivity of the filter is reduced by 30 – 50%. Charcoal or ionic powder with the particles less than 40 microns is spread evenly on top of the ionic fibrous material using the exclusive technology, which then guarantees the high efficiency of the precipitation of gold particles and the high speed of filtration (around 20-30 m3/hr for 1m2). The sorption of gold has been increased tenfold by increasing the area that comes in contact with the absorbing solution, which can, in turn, decrease the use of the absorbent compared to the sorption columns, where the used tar and charcoal are sized 1 – 5mm. The re-generation joint (Image 2.) allows to perform the resorption of the charcoal with high efficiency and without the use of the elevated pressure during 2 – 4 hours with yielding of the gold-zinc precipitate with the concentration of 500 – 700 kg/t. The cost of such a re-generation joint is ten times lower than that of autoclaves and cells for the desorption of gold from the activated charcoal sized 1 – 5mm. The supply of the alkali solution of NaCN into the layer of the stale deposits is done via the high-pressure pumps under the pressure of 10 ATM via the drainage pipes with the large filtering surface of 5 – 10 m2. With this method the speed of the filtration will reach 1,0 – 1,5 m/hr, instead of 0,24 – 0,4 m/day. Together with the alkali solution the compressed air is delivered under 10 ATM, which allows increasing the concentration of the oxygen dissolved in the solution to 40 – 60 mg/L O2 instead of the usual 8 – 10 mg/L O2 at the atmospheric pressure. An increased concentration of the dissolved air in the leaching liquid can increase the speed of the dissolution of gold [2], and at the same time, there is a process of oxidation of the sulphide minerals. The charcoal can be used as a sorbent more than ten times without losing its effectiveness, without the thermal re-activation of charcoal [3]. The replacement of the old charcoal with new will only add $0,1 to the net cost of 1 g of gold. The re-generation joint of a fine charcoal filterr. Fine charcoal filter. An electric heater for the solutions. Filter-cementer. The tank for preparation of solutions. A tank for acids. A tank for bases. A chemical pump 3 – 5 m3/hr, 90 С. Leaded zinc powder. LakeLand Gold Indicators A filter can work in two modes: as sorption using activated charcoal or ion exchanger particles sized less than 40 microns or as a filter-cementer utilising the zinc powder. The operation in a sorption mode was tested in industrial solutions in the own field of LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED in Nolan Creek in 2015. The trials of the charcoal filter with the efficiency of 10-20 m3/hr were done on spillage solutions of ZIF (gold recovery factory). With the load of only 25 kg (the volume of fibre was 200 L), with the average size of the activated charcoal particles of 10 m and the capacity of 10 – 15 m3/hr, the ending precipitate of gold (Au) was 0,005 mg/L Au, while the starting concentration was 0,09 mg/L Au. The company LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED ended its first year with 33 414 ounces of gold or with 0,94 tonnes of this precious metal. In 2017, when another filtering station has been built, the result has reached 62 114 ounces. It is worth mentioning that such results have been achieved on an exhausted and unpromising piece of land. In the next ten years, there is a plan to extract 30 tonnes of gold in Nolan Creek. The filtration technology is promising the prospects that can revolutionise the gold-mining industry. With the time the LAKELAND GOLD LIMITED will become the most significant players on the global gold-mining market. The prospects The global gold mining in 2017 made over 300 tonnes of gold (Au). Round 150 tonnes is produced via leaching. When using the spillage solutions around 10% of gold (150t Au) totalling $6 billion, is not getting re-extracted. Every year around 20 tonnes of gold (Au) is re-extracted using our technology. The approximate losses make up 2 - 3 tonnes and around $100 million. The total market of the un-extracted gold (Au) in Russia, including HF (heap leaching) and ZIF (gold recovery factory), makes up about 10 tonnes and $400 million. The total market of the un-extracted gold (Au) in Kazakhstan, makes up about 4 – 6 tonnes and about $200 million. The potential clients for our technology are meant to be all the gold-mining countries that use the cyanide technology. Mainly Russia, Australia, the United States of America, South Afrika, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The offered ways of commercialising our innovative development are the sale of the technology, including the rights to own the intellectual property; selling of the licenses for the production of fine charcoal filter; the organisation of the own manufacture of the fine charcoal filter. The most practical is the organisation of own manufacture of the charcoal filter, as you will be receiving the maximum profit. +44 2921 25 7007 COMPANY NUMBER: 09773491 12 Shap Road, Industrial Estate, Kendal, England, LA9 6NZ Facebook 

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