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Tudor Games


Tudor Games

Monitored: 127 Days
Tudor Games
Payout Ratio: 0%
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Added: Jan 16th, 2018
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Min/Max: $10/$30 000
Referral: 5-2-1-1
Withdrawal: Manual
Plans: 1% daily for 11 business days | 4.4% for 35 business days
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Program Discription:
Our specialization is the development of video games for personal computers (PC) and mobile platforms. Why did we choose this direction? Trying to be objective, one sure can tell that mankind will always be interested in only a few things: food, shower and sleep. But the truth is that people try to get away from the reality surrounding them using any possible way: series and movies, books, music, creativity, dreams about the future, religion. But only one sphere here gives a possibility to do all at once - video games. Our team In order to create really good games and to meet the requirements of the client, we carefully select our employees and care about a comfortable atmosphere in the team, and also we try to make our working process right. Our team consists of two departments with qualified specialists: creative and technical (IT). The creative department includes: sound technicians, graphic animators, moderators, game designers, producers, artists, screenwriters, etc. They create and depict worlds in which people will want to plunge.Technical department includes: programmers, system administrators, technical support specialists, engineers, analysts, etc. They are in charge of the monitoring competent work of the creative process, fixing the equipment and testing ready-made programs. This is perspective It becomes more and more obvious that video games for PC disappear from sales stands. But it doesn't mean the decline of the game industry. On the contrary - it prospers and gains steam. Avoiding intermediaries, making new platforms and ways of interaction with gamers, the developer companies including us have an opportunity to increase profit.Nowadays people of all genders and ages play computer games. Although earlier boys aged from seven up to seventeen years (despite content age restrictions) were the target audience during creation of a game, for example, of military subject, now we understand that the situation has changed: mature people, trying to break out from the routine, are becoming an integral part of the game industry, and they, it's worth noticing, make the most solvent layer of the population. Also, we shouldn't forget about the female half of the customers. Whether they follow fashion, try to be exclusive, or just support a tendency of "equilibration" of the rights between genders in all areas, anyway, you can quite often meet gamers among girls.Mobile platforms are a special subject, its audience of consumption is many times wider, and there is no way to "kill time" more conveniently in a line, on a long trip, on public transport and at any suitable situation, thanon a mobile phone or the tablet. Of course, most often people don't even know how to make purchases in the app store correctly. Therefore, regardless of an opportunity to pay for a game, they prefer to download it for free. But also, mobile platforms are the easiest way to use advertizing. Advertizing makes a great part of any commercial organization income: website, TV channel or an app. Also, a person who is carried away by his achievements, as well as in a case of PC, will withdraw money in a game purse with pleasure. TUDOR GAMES are a pretty easy way of investing in an extremely profitable business! 

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