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Monitored: 131 Days
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Added: Jan 12th, 2018
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Program Discription:
CompanyName carries out trading of crypto-currency funds on specialized exchanges, minimizing gaps and drawdowns through the restructuring of investment funds. With the help of spatial and currency arbitrage we create the most comfortable conditions for fulfilling our investment obligations to clients in full. Carrying out trading operations, combining the purchase and sale of currencies with the appropriate actions for profit at the expense of the difference in exchange rates in various currency markets for a certain period of time, our team of traders successfully implements temporary and currency arbitrage. In addition, MyBTCmoney owns technologies that allow the company to apply latent arbitration in its commercial activities. Latent arbitrage (the most modern form of high-frequency (HTF) trading) gives our traders an advantage over competitors in auctions, thanks to a faster access to the market price of the exchange asset. To be more precise, thanks to a faster access to the current exchange rate, the Crypto-currency. Our approach implies a shortening of the order time from the initial to the final point, and our traders, using predatory algorithms, develop scenarios that determine the reaction of orders for execution in the event of a movement of supply and demand up or down. The possession of such information gives our traders huge, almost risk-free arbitrage opportunities. This strategy was implemented by the specialists of our company, thanks to money investments in its technical development. It allows us to achieve success and is guaranteed and safe to receive higher profits, all other things being equal. for example Assuming that the daily turnover of crypto-currency transactions on orders is 10 billion units, according to statistics, about 600 million of them are transactions carried out by traders who use predatory algorithms. If the profit received by the company from one crypto-currency order is at least 2 cents a day, it's easy to understand that the final profit will be $ 12 million a day. On average, crypto-currency transactions are carried out 250 days a year. And for 250 trading days the company, in which traders use predatory algorithms, earns about $ 3 billion. This profit is largely achieved through individual investors. Our company carries out about 1.2% of the total volume of transactions using latent arbitrage on crypto-exchange exchanges. Thus, our company's minimum income only from providing a strategy of latent arbitrage using predatory algorithms is $ 36 million per year. That is, 3 million dollars a month. Our company carries out its activity on exchange operations with crypto-currencies for five years. And all this time it demonstrates stable growth and an increase in the base of trading assets, thanks to the continuous development of its trading strategy, the use of innovative crypto-solutions and technologies for crypto-exchange trade. The presence of official registration and all necessary licenses allows our company to exchange crypto-currencies and participate in international auctions. MyBTCmoney was established as a stock exchange trading company, which provides its services to investors around the world. Working with our company is the key to your success and prosperity in the near future. Why is this the most effective method of trading? CRYPTUS EXCHANGE REGULAR TRADER NORMAL COMMUNICATION CHANNEL HFT-Trader using latent arbitration + predator algorithms HIGH-SPEED COMMUNICATION CHANNEL Then, when an ordinary trader is still waiting for a response to a crypto currency exchange order, the HTF trader has ALREADY made a deal, got a profit or moved on to processing the next order. 

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