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Monitored: 196 Days
Payout Ratio: 93%
Our Rating:
Our Investment: $100.00
Added: Aug 14th, 2017
Last Paid: Oct-31,2017
Support: Admin E-Mail Support Form   
AHM Status:
Join SportPay
Min/Max: $30/$100000
Referral: 7%-4%-2%-1%-1%
Withdrawal: Instant
Plans: 1% DAILY FOR 15DAYS/1.2% DAILY FOR 25DAYS.moree
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Program Discription:
COMPANY SportPay International Investment Ltd in Europe is the first Anti Correct Score Fund Global Sports Market is accurate and purposeful Planning and Promotion Strategy. SportPay International Investment Ltd in Europe is the first Anti Correct Score fund, with the famous British sports exchange, the use of betfair safe operation mode. SportPay International Investment Ltd after years of research and development and large data integration, offshore football, basketball and other comprehensive events investment . In June 2017, we began to provide one-way investors with a stable profit-making financial management. Our activities at the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) provide ample opportunities for our team to achieve our goals and have a great ambition for the dominant structure of online transactions. Our business is perfectly legal and is regulated by the British Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA). Our relatively young company's work in the second year of online trading has already had some of the best performance growth in similar companies. We can provide highly competitive market, with all the staff working with a clear and accurate organization in the first Investment (brokers, traders, finance and soccer match prediction experts), and also due to the global sports market is accurate and purposeful Planning and promotion strategy. Now we know how and can make a lot and guarantee. We expect a slight increase in fees and commission income in the quarter compared to the quarterly increase in footwear market activity and increased activity in the derivatives market in the context of quarterly growth in the hit circle. The main driver of growth, in our view, will also be our corporate customer's account due to the higher balance of interest income and keep this trend will raise interest rates. In the past quarter, the company reported high back on the back of the client's balance and the main indicators that made it possible to talk about the growth prospects that could improve the interest income in the higher. nominal niche deposit clients. In addition, the driver to attract new funds for the company's further development direction is to put through the high interest rate of personal deposits, is on the website www.sportpay.biz registered dedication of the new account in the future with the possibility of remote transactions, Open key factor. In the case of such funds, the company's goal is to invest in the football exchange. The means to determine the versatility and efficiency of the need to cooperate with my company to ensure the benefits of a safe working environment, a new level of benign interaction. How to Profit Predict the impossible score To football as an example: football match finish score, forecast high profits, the difficulty is high. While safe-haven trading profits generally 1-20%, profit is relatively simple and easy. From 0-0 to 3-3 have 16 kinds of game results, to guess the correct score probability is only one-sixth, winning rate is only 6.25%. But to guess (non-game results) score, do not analyze the absolute rate of 15/15, the winning rate as high as 93.75%. If you add the company's professional technical analysis, excluding the possible score, winning rate can be increased to 99.99%. Sportpay is the Investment in the ball game (non-game results) of the high threshold fund "(The Barrier Fund). 

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Very Good The amount of 2 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U14822553->U13380765. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. Withdraw to Allhyipcapture from SportPay International Investment Ltd.. Date: 15:26 31.08.17. Batch: 186590472. xxxxx@allhyipcapture.com Sep 1st, 2017 01:47 AM

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